This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 97 of 365

Nick has a new job working for a landscaping company. He works from 7 AM to sometimes 7 PM, plus is taking classes at the community college, plus is still working at Wicked on the weekends. The joy of being 18! About all I see of him is a pile of dirty clothes in front of the washing machine.


  1. I am sure he will thank you one day.


  2. Wow, to be 18 again! As Si mentioned, one day he will look back and thank you immensely.

    Great photo!

  3. I don't miss piles of clothing (and wish I'd gotten over dumping clothes in heaps when I was younger.) I have twin boys - age 31. You can only imagine those clothing piles...In fact, no shirt sentiments this sweet and well-meaning either now that I think about it.