This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 365 of 365

I'm all out of words. Speechless.

Well... just about.  Here I am at the end of my 365 journey, and the end of 2010, and I'm absolutely flabbergasted that so many of you stuck with me through to this last moment.  You've all been so supportive, and reading your comments each day and following YOUR photo projects has been a truly amazing experience.  I have found such a fabulous community of photographers and writers and artists here in blog-land and on flickr, and I've made some amazing new friends -- something I didn't really think was possible on the faceless internet.  Thank you one and all.

Please join me on my regular blog, a little light reading, for my upcoming 53-project -- it will feature a series of photo essays, a chance to share your work, some giveaways, and other fun stuff.

There's not much more to say...except that I've loved every minute of this journey, and I love all of you.  May 2011 be the best year ever.  And so with that:


day 364 of 365

364 days ... the journey's almost done.  We've traveled a long way together, and my mermaid tail is getting a little tired.


day 363 of 365

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles.


day 362 of 365

Caution: Men working overhead.


day 361 of 365

The winter woods are full of delicate beauty, if you look very carefully.  Click here to see more winter beauty.


day 360 of 365

My stove is very chatty first thing in the morning.


day 359 of 365

Happy Christmas, one and all!


day 357 of 365

Treetop:  holly holiday edition. 


day 356 of 365

Squash.  I love that word.

This squash is a little lonely, left to fend for itself in a frosty field.

OK -- we're coming down to the wire on this 365 project.  Less than 10 days left, and then it is done!  For those of you who've been faithfully following along, we need not part company after it's all over.  Pop on over to my other blog, a little light reading, and become a follower, or subscribe via RSS, or bookmark it in your browser.  Because next week, when this blog is all done, I'll be starting what I'm calling my "53 project," which is a lot like a 52-week project except that I'll be turning 53 in 2011 and so I'm throwing in an extra week at no additional cost.  :)  There will be a photo essay every week, giveaways, and a glimpse into life here on Cape Cod.  Please join me!


day 355 of 365

This barn window was both a mirror, reflecting the woods behind me, and a portal through to the window on the other side. 


day 354 of 365

Raise your hand if you've ever actually had cod liver oil.  We used to take cod liver oil capsules with our morning vitamin when we were kids.  I can still remember the smell.



day 352 of 365

A girl can dream.


day 349 of 365

OMG.  I am now the proud owner of a fantastic Yummy Goods shopping bag.  Melissa=awesome!


day 347 of 365

The Library's got a new toy.

Some people say that technology like this means the death of the book and the death of libraries, but I don't agree.  More people than ever are coming to use the library, and to ask about old-school AND new-school books and technologies.  To me, it's just another way to interpret the written word.

Thus endeth my sermon.  Now I get to play!


day 346 of 365

Our family has a funny story about a white Christmas tree.... one of those tell-it-every-year kind of stories.  This pretty little one shines out of the window at Yummy Goods in West Barnstable.

I'm featuring some holiday lights on my other blog today.  Come on over and see them sparkling!

And while you're over there, become a follower of that blog.  In less than 20 days, this project will be ending, and a new one will begin over there.  You won't want to miss it!


day 345 of 365

Again with the roofs.  This one's decorated for the holidays.


day 344 of 365

He's so friendly.  Every time I drive by he waves hello.  I think he's got a little thing for me.


day 343 of 365

Peace on earth, and good will towards all. 


day 342 of 365

A special poem written and illustrated for me by my 9 year old cousin Claire.  I am touched beyond words:

Lucy the Librarian

She loves to read
She loves to write
Column after column
She'll read all night.

Faster, faster
On she goes
It's hard to believe
All the words she knows.

Rocks, astronomy
Nouns and worms
Lucy knows everything
Every single term.

We all love Lucy
She's so much fun
She's the best Library Director
Under the sun!!!


day 341 of 365

Put out to pasture.


day 340 of 365

What do you see when you look at this photo?  Is it a photo of a broken window, or more than that?  Are you a literal or figurative person?  Or does your vision embrace both points of view?

I dedicate this photo to my fellow Muse Kat -- because after I took it I realized that I'd captured a frame within a frame -- just like she'd discussed in her recent blog post.  Thanks Kat!


day 339 of 365

There's a thriving Amish community out in eastern New York, where we went for Thanksgiving.  I've just posted some photos of the beautiful countryside in that neck of the woods.  Come see!

Oh, and while you're there, you might want to become a follower.  In just a few weeks, I'll be embarking on another year-long project, and it will take place over there.  It's hard to believe that this 365 project is coming to a close!  It seems like just yesterday that I posted my first post. Thank you all for sticking with me this long!


day 338 of 365

His and hers outhouses, behind a Baptist church in New York farm country.


day 337 of 365

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes.  There ARE rats -- RATS! -- on Cape Cod. I know, because I was given one as a gift by my very thoughtful cat.  Um....thanks?


day 336 of 365

Farm equipment at the edge of a field ... or sculpture garden?


day 335 of 365

What's all the fuss about feet photos?  Come on over to Mortal Muses today, where I'm getting in touch with my inner foot fetish.