This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 246 of 365

End-of-summer-light is beautiful, no?


day 245 of 365

Bright afternoon light
Caught like a thousand white jewels
On the sharp needles


day 244 of 365

Feeling centered.


day 243 of 365

Guess whose next novel (due out next fall)  is going to be partially set in Barnstable?  He stopped by the library last week for help with some research.  Click the photo to see one of the reasons I love my job.


day 242 of 365

Please stop by my other blog for a series of photos I took of an historic and very compelling cemetery in Woburn.  Even if cemeteries aren't your thing, I think the images will draw you in.   Click here to go there.


day 241 of 365

There’s a crow flying
Black and ragged
Tree to tree
He’s black as the highway that’s leading me
Now he’s diving down
To pick up on something shiny
I feel like that black crow
In a blue sky


day 240 of 365

It occurred to me today that I have a thing for roofs.  
Click here for evidence.
And always look up.


day 239 of 365

I'm musing on black and white over on Mortal Muses today.  Stop by and say hello!


extra bonus post : words

Contemplating the magical complexity of words... take 3 minutes, and enjoy.

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

day 238 of 365

I was charmed by this labor of love that I saw at a local car and truck show -- a whole village built in the bed of a fabulous yellow truck.  Click the photo to see it close up, along with multiple reflections of yours truly.


day 237 of 365

I wish I could hand these stickers out to the people I see depriving themselves of every morsel of food that they encounter, all in the name of thinness.  What kind of joyless life is that?  I think the words on this sticker could have been my grandmother's motto -- in times of crisis or sorrow or even just faced with daily life, she considered food to be the best medicine.  Click here for a few of her recipes.

It's a rainy Sunday, and that means I'm cooking something heartwarming for dinner.  Hope you're conjuring up something filled with love for yourself or your family today.


day 236 of 365

Love that bokeh light through the trees on a walk at the Murkwood Conservation Area, though I didn't like the thousands of carnivorous mosquitoes that attempted to eat me alive.  Ever inhaled  or snorted a mosquito?  I have now done both, and I wouldn't recommend it.  Just say no!


day 235 of 365

For some reason when I took this photo, I thought of the three fates in Greek mythology who are said to weave the threads of our destiny.  Maybe too deep a thought for a Friday morning.  But otherwise, it's just a shot of cormorants and telephone poles.  I leave it up to you.


day 234 of 365

 Sometimes the message stones can get a little rude...


day 233 of 365

We have to have some birds to go along with yesterday's bees, right?  The sign above is located outside the very cool Black Crow Gallery in Sandwich, where I went with my fellow funky chick pal Sherry.

And the funky chick below is one of Sherry and Gordon's new chickens.  Her coop is right beside  the honey bees in yesterday's photo.  Fresh eggs and fresh honey ... delicious.


day 232 of 365

Today's word:  Buzzzzzz.  Or, if you prefer:  Honey.

You really need to click the photo, and then click again to see close up.  They're busy little bees!


day 230 of 365

Again, with the name thing.  My name is Lucy Elizabeth, so I couldn't resist this shot. 

I'm musing on things around the house over on Mortal Muses today.  We have a great giveaway going, and today's the last day to get in on it.   Stop by!


day 229 of 365

Some things are hiding in plain sight.  You just have to look a little harder.


day 228 of 365

X marks the spot.  A little abstract composition for the end of the week.


day 227 of 365

Today, I am content.  Are you content too?



day 225 of 365

Someone can't make up their mind....

I love the bold architectural graphic shapes along the Cape Cod Canal.  Check out more shots here.


day 224 of 365

Some weekend tourists reading and ray-catching along the Cape Cod Canal.  Click the photo to see her summer reading choice.


day 223 of 365

I rode uphill and down
through the bogs, woods and fields.  
The sun was going down.  
It was beautiful.


day 222 of 365

We all have a mental image of the myth of Sisyphus -- a little guy pushing a big boulder up a steep hill, only to have it roll back down again (in the Bugs Bunny cartoon version, the boulder would smoosh him flat as a pancake in the process).

But like this sign implies, I think life is more of a gentle uphill climb -- some days a little steeper than others.  But other days we get a nice downhill stretch, with a beautiful view and a cool breeze.  And that makes all the difference.

I'm heading outside today, to tackle some hills.  May yours be gentle and easy.


day 220 of 365

An ancient family plot in the Lothrop Hill Cemetery -- most of the lettering obliterated by time and lichen.  I like how the larger stone leans gently towards the double one on the right, as if even in death they might move a little closer. 


day 219 of 365


I've always been intrigued by what lies beneath.  The hulks of sunken ships.  The ghosts of villages under the Quabbin Reservoir.  A dog sleeping under the waves in a Salvador Dali painting.

I've got two book recommendations today.  You've got to check them out.


day 218 of 365

My daily reminder.


day 217 of 365

A quintessential summer night with a light show that should be listed in the dictionary as the definition of sunset.  To see the whole show, click here.


day 216 of 365

Private property.  An old relic in Buzzard's Bay.  Click the photo twice for a larger view.