This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 85 of 365


  1. So... I have this vision of how it looks inside, with a garden hose going across the little room, which has paint about as fresh and clean as the outside of the building. The hose winds its way across abandoned ice cream equipment and cute little upside-down wire tables to a faucet over the old slop sink. A mop stands nearby, head up, cotton tresses hanging down in stiff 'dreds' as no one has washed it. The hose isn't quite fastened properly. There is a bit of a drip-drip down into the sink, which is mottled with use, enamel chipped where things have been dropped into it. The city sends the water bill to a P.O. Box in Fall River....... Now go fill your bottles!

  2. Very funny and colourful capture.


  3. It's inexpensive. Funny photo.

  4. Nice capture... I have a bad feeling about this place!

  5. Great colors! I love red and against the white it's even better.