This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 63 of 365

As promised yesterday, I will shake off the darkness from my photos and seek the light.... or how about some lightning? I saw this wonderful graphic sign on the side of a truck. Such a great depiction of the ability to harness the power of lightning, right in your bare hands. I would love to create a logo like this for librarians. Any artists out there?

I looked for some lightning quotes to go along with the image, and found these 3 to share.

Here's Mark Twain, likening lightning to the power of words:
"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

Or Henri Cartier-Bresson, and the lightning-fast instant of capturing a photo:
The creative act lasts but a brief moment, a lightning instant of give-and-take, just long enough for you to level the camera and to trap the fleeting prey in your little box."

But I think I like George Carlin the best:
Electricity is really just organized lightning."


  1. Clever! I like most of Mark Twain's quotes. He is usually right!

  2. I was beginning to like the dark side, excellent capture though.


  3. What a change, there's definitely more lighting in this shot.