This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 154 of 365

My biggest fan. (And its little fan friends).

My mother was clearing out her attic, and since she got air conditioning she has no need for multiple fans. So they are coming to live at our house. Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer here on Cape Cod, so they'll all be put to good use soon.

Thanks Mom!


day 153 of 365

Filene's closed Basement. A ghost of its former self.


day 151 of 365

I think this guy likes me. I noticed him smiling up at me for the first time, after walking by him for 7 years and not noticing him. He's kind of cute, right? And best of all -- he lives at the library.

Oh, and don't worry. He's got lots of friends. I'm sure there's one out there for you. Meet some of them here.


day 150 of 365

Heart-shaped sky.

I'm celebrating the sky over on my other blog today. Join me!


day 149 of 365

I call this: pothead.

Someone donated plant pots to our library plant sale, and this one keeps watching me, just like the eyes in a spooky portrait in a haunted house. I think she might like to come home with me, don't you?


day 147 of 365

To read or to nap?: that is the question.


day 146 of 365

In honor of Kyria and Kevin's trip to Egypt, I give you.... the Sphinx.

Thus endeth the cat photos.


day 145 of 365

I'm not one of those people who take a lot of pictures of their cats, but Willow just poses so graciously. I liked the shadows and afternoon light here. So the word for yesterday and today, and maybe tomorrow is: CAT.

Like I said, I'm not a nutty cat lady, but I realized the other day that there hasn't really ever been a time in my life that I've lived without a cat or three in my life (once I had 7 -- that was perhaps bordering on nuttiness). We have two at the moment. That's the perfect number.

We've also had bunnies, hamsters, mice, birds, fish, lizards, hermit crabs, and (for two days) a puppy. But cats are my pet of choice.

Are you a nutty cat or dog person? Do tell.


day 143 of 365

We librarians find lots of fun things in books, from bookmarks to notes, photos, and sometimes even money! We found this vintage photo in a book that was donated to the library. These great quintessential Cape Cod fisherladies really know how to rock a colorful rain slicker. If you see them, wish them a very merry Christmas!


day 142 of 365

OK. So we found this note in our mailbox yesterday, and thought it was pretty funny and so cute! -- obviously written by kids, it is an enticing advertisement for ladies and men with marriage potential. And they're free!

The word blacked out was a word I had never heard before, so I thought the kids had made it up (it appeared to be a misspelling of "hunky" or "chunky".) So I laughed (those kooky kids!) and got all ready to post it here, and then decided to look the word up, just in case. That trusty resource, The Urban Dictionary, enlightened me that it was NOT a word I'd want to post on my blog. Or a word that 7-year olds who can't spell "ladies" or "marry" should even know.

So I invite you to insert your own naughty word in it's place. Be creative! No one will know, unless you post it in their mailbox.


day 141 of 365

Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.


day 140 of 365

I call this The Iceman Cometh, with a nod to Eugene O'Neill.

It was taken while in the carwash, and this man got good and wet, too, in his quest for ice.

Here are a few others I took in the carwash. I like how the light plays with the water.


day 138 of 365

Everybody loves some bunny sometime....


day 137 of 365

It's my son Nick's 19th birthday today, and as much of a cliche as it is, it's hard to believe that the years went by so quickly. my son, my boy, my man, happy, happy birthday, and all wonderful things for the year ahead. I loved you the minute I set eyes on you, and am so proud of you and all you've accomplished. Happy day! Here's a little trip down memory lane.

Somwhere in here are the lost photo know, those years when I took a few pictures, never got around to developing them, and missed the years between 11 and 14 almost completely. Nick went from clean cut (above) to big haired wild boy (below).

Hey 19!