This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 145 of 365

I'm not one of those people who take a lot of pictures of their cats, but Willow just poses so graciously. I liked the shadows and afternoon light here. So the word for yesterday and today, and maybe tomorrow is: CAT.

Like I said, I'm not a nutty cat lady, but I realized the other day that there hasn't really ever been a time in my life that I've lived without a cat or three in my life (once I had 7 -- that was perhaps bordering on nuttiness). We have two at the moment. That's the perfect number.

We've also had bunnies, hamsters, mice, birds, fish, lizards, hermit crabs, and (for two days) a puppy. But cats are my pet of choice.

Are you a nutty cat or dog person? Do tell.


  1. I love the shots of your feline friend. I must confess I am a canine lover through and through, but have had a few special cats :)

  2. He poses graciously indeed. Love the way she looks like its saying "take a shot, I don't care because I'm already famous".

    Great processing.

  3. This is a wonderful cat photo! This is from someone who takes pictures of their cats all the time, so I know a fabulous cat photo when I see one!

  4. This is a gorgeous photo on many levels. =^..^=

  5. I love your cat photo, your cat is so cute how can you not post pictures of her/him?

    I prefer a dog, always been a dog person, but unfortunately being a renter I cannot have pets... not yet but all in good time.