This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 204 of 365

I was rummaging around in old boxes over the weekend and found my old diary. If you ever had the urge to snoop in someone's diary, here's your chance. Mine was a 5-year version, with a little lock on the front and a sticker that said "PLEASE! Keep out!"

These were some extra-special things I recorded in the back of the diary that happened over the 5 years. In the first entry, around 1966 or 7, I enjoyed hiking. In the second entry, our cat died. In the third entry, around 1968, a family friend who had lived with us for several months finally moved out. In the 4th entry, 1969, we moved from California to Rhode Island. And in the final entry at Thanksgiving in 1969 or 1970, at age 11 or 12, well..!

I guess that's why I don't drink anymore! :)


  1. You've got to love old journals and diaries. I now have journals dating back to 1982 and letters to and from my mother [one each week each, thank you] from 1971. Every now and then I'll dive in somewhere and read for a bit. When I quit reading and look around it is like surfacing from another life and re-discovering where I am. Very discombobulating. [great word]

  2. This is inspiring. It's amazing what we write in innocense, isn't it.

  3. I found all my diaries from when I was little. It is such a blast looking back over what I thought was important at the time. I love the "got DRUNK"!

  4. This is priceless, what memories to cherish, well less the getting drunk! lol 5 years in one page, now was that a sheltered childhood or you just forgot about writing in your diary? ;-)

    Thanks for sharing this, it put a muchly needed smile back on my face!

  5. That's pretty cool. I wish I had some of the diaries I kept when I was a young girl.

  6. OMG!!!! i love these! i love the penmanship and content

  7. Gosh, fond memories! Are you aware that Dorothy journals almost daily and has for years? Thanks for sharing your innermost thoughts.