This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 6 of 365

I bought these band-aids last week and realized when I got them home that they have braille lettering on them. This is the first product I've noticed with braille -- and I got to wondering if I've been really unobservant, or if this is a new packaging standard. The curious librarian in me looked it up, and lo and behold, came across this article. Now I want to learn to read braille myself, especially since I don't know what this sign outside my office says. Here's where I'll start.


  1. That is super interesting to me. I think a blind person would not attempt to try to read the band aid box given that nothing else has braille. Why not since everything has multiple languages on the box?

  2. the processing on this photo is beautiful! great colors!

  3. Great shot.... awesome to see braille on boxes!

  4. I love the colour and depth of field, excellent photograph.


  5. The colours in this photo are enchanting.