This 365 day project features photos that include words (actual or implied),
text, books,
writing, letters and numbers, signs, libraries, and.... well, you get the idea.


day 334 of 365

With two birds you can get crystal clear reception.  With three birds you can get top-secret transmissions from Yugoslavia.


day 333 of 365

A message from your local Temperance Union.


day 332 of 365

It is a family tradition to stand outside and wave white hankies or napkins as visitors drive out of sight.  This was our sendoff as we left Halcyon Farm after a lovely Thanksgiving stay.  So long!  Farewell!


day 331 of 365

As a child I was an indiscriminate berry-taster,
ignoring the perils of bitterness or poison,
determined to discover some new sweetness
even in the cold grey days of late November.


day 330 of 365

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and I've only just swallowed my last bite of turkey.


day 329 of 365

Have you noticed the power (and beauty) in power lines?


day 328 of 365

Some trees.  Such show-offs.  When everyone else has politely dropped their leaves, they hold out so they can have the last word.


day 327 of 365

Moonlight is sculpture  --Nathaniel Hawthorne


day 326 of 365

Happiness is when the wind blows the leaves into the neighbor's yard.  :)


day 321 of 365

A few hangers-on, showing off their brilliance.


day 320 of 365

I'd like a half-serving of moon, with a side order of treetops, please.

I'm featuring treetops over on a little light reading today.  Stop by!


day 319 of 365

A little late bloomer finally succumbs to the frosty weather. 


day 318 of 365

Bokeh -- it's hard to describe and a little elusive.  I'm musing about it over on Mortal Muses today.  Stop by and share the beautiful blur.


day 317 of 365

We've had a week of wild wind.  The trees have been dancing against the sky.


day 316 of 365

Words are flowing out
like endless rain into a paper cup,
They slither while they pass
they slip away across the universe.


day 315 of 365

November forecast:  Wind. Rain. Bare trees. Raw gray days. Cold dark nights. Hot tea. Steaming soup. Good books. Warm blankets. 


day 314 of 365

The last of the yellow tomatoes, blown over by the blustery November wind.


day 313 of 365

Felt + scissors + needle + thread + beads + sequins = ornaments.


day 312 of 365

This is a real street in Harwich, just a few miles away from this street.


day 311 of 365

Here's another entry in my roof series.  This cupola reminded me of something out of a children's book or nursery rhyme -- maybe part of the "little crooked house" or the "house the Jack built."  It makes a nice perch for this seagull, who can see out to Lewis Bay from this lofty vantage point.


day 310 of 365

I'm not sure if this crow is eating or praying.  Or maybe doing some crow-yoga.  Downward crow pose?


day 309 of 365

These are the last of the fall flowers in the front yard.  They look like pink daisies but I think they're actually chrysanthemums.  We got our first hard frost last night, so they'll be dying back soon, too.

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day 308 of 365

These men were working atop the new water tower in Centerville.  Even though I was very far away and shooting with a telephoto lens, one of them seemed to pose for me.  Click on the photo to view it larger.


day 307 of 365

All fall down.


day 306 of 365

This photo is for my mother -- may she no longer worry.  xoxo